Camp Badger Counselors

Mechanics of a four-wheeler: photo courtesy COE Communications
Mechanics of a four-wheeler: photo courtesy COE Communications

Deadline for Application

All Camp Badger Exploring Engineering® Counselor applicants must complete the online application by March 3, 2017.

Counselor Questions?

Email us with questions or concerns
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Camp Badger Sessions are listed on the schedule page.

Counselors are needed for the 2017 sessions!

Fill out the online application by March 3, 2017.

About Camp Badger Exploring Engineering® Program

The College of Engineering has run week-long summer camps since 1998 to expose teenagers to careers in engineering. In 2017 we will offer five sessions for boys and girls who will be entering eighth grade in the fall. There will be 30 to 32 campers per camp, and they stay in the dorms and eat in the dining halls.

Male and female Night Counselors stay with the campers in the dorms and will be on duty from 9:00 pm to 8:00 am. During the day, campers are always supervised by an adult Facilitator and one or more Day Counselors.

Campers arrive with their parents on Sunday afternoon. During the week the camp is structured so that they spend their time as follows:

  • 25 percent in class lecture/discussion
  • 25 percent with hands-on activities
  • 50 percent on tours and field trips

We use a classroom in the Engineering Centers Building as our base. On Saturday morning we have a closing ceremony and poster display; the parents pick up their campers to take them home at that time.

Day Counselor Responsibilities

  • Must be available to work at all five sessions
  • May sign up for eight 4-hour shifts during the week
  • May have shifts performing office duties at EPD
  • Are paid by the hour and there is no overtime ($10/$10.50 hr). Pay determined by experience.
  • Housing is not provided for Day Counselors

Night Counselor Responsibilities

  • Stay in the dorms with the campers for six nights in a row
  • Maintain the well-being and safety of the campers at night
  • May work up to four sessions, but not more than two sessions back-to-back, nor all five sessions ($435- $460/wk). Pay determined by experience.

All Counselor Responsibilities

  • Attend both Counselor Orientation sessions—in May and June (you will learn more about how the camp is run and sign up for your shifts at this time)
  • Keep watch on the campers while on duty, and accompany them to activities (keeping the group together)
  • Report to a camp Facilitator at the beginning and end of each shift
  • Intervene if a camper is behaving dangerously or straying from the group
  • Eat with the campers during meals on your shift
  • Accompany camper who may need first aid or medical care to an emergency room

Counselor Shifts

Day counselors work shifts that are approximately 4 hours long: Breakfast to Lunch, Lunch to Dinner, and Dinner to Bedtime. We do not allow day counselors to work more than two shifts per day. All day counselors work the evening shift on Sunday, when the campers arrive at camp, and counselors are part of the camp orientation. Counselors also run demonstrations and other activities related to science, math, and engineering.

Night counselors are on duty from 9:00 pm until the campers leave for breakfast the next morning.