How to Apply

Students working on projects: photo courtesy COE Communications
Students working on projects: photo courtesy COE Communications

Download Application Materials Here.

* If you are unable to download the Adobe Acrobat pdf file of application materials, then email with a request to fax or mail you the form. This file contains general information about Camp Badger (two pages), the Application Form which includes the Student/Parent Agreement and the Teacher Financial Assistance Recommendation (two pages).

Please note that due to limited space in the program, not all applicants will be accepted.  Applications postmarked later than March 13 will be considered only if space is available.

To apply for Camp Badger Exploring Engineering®, the following materials must be sent:

  • The Application Form must be completed and signed by the camper, a parent/guardian, and a teacher
  • A Camper Essay (one page, double-spaced, typed and signed) describing:
    • The coolest thing you have learned in science class. Tell us about it, and why you think this experience was special.
    • What you like and dislike about math and science.
  • A copy of the student’s most recent School Transcript or Report Card
  • A Letter of Recommendation and the Financial Assistance Recommendation, to be filled out by your math or science teacher, or school guidance counselor. The Letter of Recommendation should reflect the student’s academic performance and his or her interests in math and science.